Writing Services

Biographies: I contend that everyone should either write their autobiography or have a biography written for them. Biographies needn’t be for publication, but they can be. They don’t have to be lengthy; they just need to include what must to be said for the sake of one’s posterity. As a writer of a biography for you or a loved one, no chronicle is finished until you approve it. In life and after, there is often much that goes unsaid, much that goes undone and much that is misunderstood—never to be resolved.

Ghost Writing: Do you have an idea, a story, a script or something you’d like to say that you feel strongly about but feel it could be improved with just a bit of tweaking? Want to co-author something, perhaps add a bit more imagery, bring a smidgen of order, add or subtract some adjectives? You get the idea. And again, whatever service I provide, it’s not finished until you say it is.

Editing: Falling a bit short of ghost writing, editing allows a fresh pair of eyes to examine your work. Editors look for content, structure and grammar without changing your work whether it’s a love letter or serial epic. Good editors offer suggestions and corrections to already-good work. Good editors also offer an evaluation if they’re asked.

Technical Writing: Do you have something that needs to be described so you can market it or patent it? Do you want your employees to know what is expected of them, or do you want them to thoroughly understand the processes of their jobs? Need a professional proposal? Technical writing consists of detailed information explained in a way that the intended audience can understand them.

Odyssey of the Mind: Ever want to just bounce some ideas around with someone whose opinion you respect?  I envision this to be a forum for communicating insight and enlightenment.  Let’s grow this one together.

Et. al. Yes, I’m pleased to check your resume, edit your thesis or essay, write a verse, copy-write a blog or create an ad. My fees are as negotiable as my services are diverse.