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Suzanne Gochenouer, an Owensboro writer/editor/writing coach whose Twelve Steps to Publication is the most thorough and complete program for both aspiring and accomplished writers, recently honored me with a request for an interview.

Suzanne’s Twelve Steps are chock full of examples that stress the importance of covering all the bases on the way to publication, from ideas to marketing –  everything writers need to know to be successful.  Such necessary things as setting the “hook,” plot formatting, elevator pitches, character development, query letters, and much more are included in her sessions. Throughout this carefully crafted series, her professionalism and persona provide participants with hands-on experience concerning what it takes to overcome the challenges of becoming successful writers. For me, Suzanne is a Godsend and easily the most knowledgeable writing source of my life.

What follows are the contents of the interview.

A Writer Talks About Getting the Work Done

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