I am pleased to announce that my novel, Dead Man in a Lincoln is available as an e-book or print copy through Amazon, Kindle, Bookbaby, iBooks, Barnes & Noble and more. I have copies available to mail directly by completing the Contact form of this website.

Dead Man in a Lincoln is, of course, a mystery—a whodunnit. The story wraps around the Gregg family, each of whom plays a part in creating the mystery as well as solving it.  Complications make the story a whydunnit when an organization seeking universal knowledge discovers some unsettling facts concerning the human condition.

Look for the historical recount of the Midwest and Vietnam War that make the characters what they are and influence what they do. There’s also a clear message that speaks to coexisting as a species, and another that expounds on the meaning of life that’s intended to be thought-provoking.  It’s also a triple-decker love story and a reflection of my altruism.

I hope you find it enjoyable.